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About Us

About Crunch Bookkeeping Service

Crunch Bookkeeping Service is a company I founded based on a proprietary new software which makes accounting 10x easier, as well as safer and more efficient. Using a cloud based accounting platform, bookkeeping by hand is a thing in the past, as is excel sheets and annoying online tax softwares which can be difficult to manage. We provide bookkeeping, balancing, general ledger clean up, profit and loss statements, and so much more for your business. With Crunch Bookkeeping Service, you can get the power of an accounting agency for the price of a simple software. Our services not only save you hundreds to thousands of dollars, but it also saves you money by making sure you avoid book errors which can be costly, and helping you get maximum refunds and tax write offs. I would like to speak with you further, and provide a free consultation in which I will go over further details on how we can help you grow.


Bhupinder Sood | Accounting Professional

My name is Bhupinder S. Sood and I’m an accounting professional with over 28 years of experience dealing with tax laws. As an MBA, I am knowledgeable of all aspects of the business. As an accountant, I worked for the state of Tennessee doing audits internally and for other state agencies. As an entrepreneur, I founded Crunch Bookkeeping Service, a proprietary tax company that provides automated reconciliations for clients as well as a host of other services. I also previously worked as a self employed CPA in the past, which requires managing clients and handling all marketing and promotion of services. All of this experience gives me the knowledge and abilities to work anywhere in the field and provide a variety of services.
Crunchaccountant is a small accounting service that provides services to those dealing with U.S. or U.K. tax laws. Crunch Bookkeeping Service has served a variety of small businesses and freelancers with their tax questions, bookkeeping, balance statements, and more. By using a proprietary software Crunch Bookkeeping Service provides automated reconciliations for all clients. This accounting platform is also cloud based, making it possible to protect the valuable work of the clients.
Key Responsibilities
● Managed and oversaw all operations
● Assisted clients with tax preparation
● Managed a team of accountants and designers
● Generated profit and loss statements for clients
● Cleaned up general ledgers for clients
● Completed all accounting services for the company
● Responsible for marketing and promotion

Key Responsibilities:
● Operational & Financial accounting - Managing clients while preparing taxes and providing a technical overview of returns.
● Financial reporting & cost accounting systems
● Implementation of accounting systems - Use analytical techniques & software such as Microsoft Excel worksheets to run various scenarios
● Small business accounting system setup and implementation - Manage accounting books using Quickbooks Software and Pro Series while also managing sales taxes
Did Regulatory and Compliance Audits. Worked as Compliance Auditor with the Division of Charitable Solicitations. Created a Database of over 9000 charities registered in Tennessee. Engaged in Compliance Registration and ensured non-profits complied with the law. Used a proprietary software system for daily business operations.
Managed IRS Audit preparation for clients and ran management reports. Conducted major overhauls of accounting systems. Managed inventory & aging accounts receivable reports. Owned an E-commerce store Prop-R-Fit shoes and managed business operations as well as accounting.
As an Internal Auditor, I researched controls to prevent waste, fraud, and abuse of taxpayer property. The department used enterprise accounting because it operated state parks and resort parks, totaling $35m in revenue. Resort properties were the focus of attention and focused on controls over cash, inventory, food cost, and payroll and investigations.
Worked with the Tennessee Department of Revenue as a sales tax auditor in various capacities. Worked in several different departments completing various tax and accounting services. Worked extensively with sales tax laws.