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The Future Is Cloud Accounting.

Remote accounting with 24/7 assistance on any issue. Skip traditional accounting platforms and move into cloud accounting, the future of accounting. We offer full accounting cycle and compliance reporting.

Build a Foundation for your Small Business

Each month or quarter, we will provide consultations and do the following things for you

Reconcile Bank Statements

We provide account reconciliations that fit your needs. These can be done daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly. 

Generate Profit/Loss Statements

We can generate fast and accurate profit/loss statements for your business so you know exactly where you stand and how to grow.

Balance Sheets

Many businesses including cash based businesses may need frequent balancing of sheets in order to remain compliant of all US tax laws.

Clean up General Ledger

Accounting can be difficult. If you or a lesser skilled accountant were managing your books before, we can clean it up and make sure nothing was missed.

Automated accounting

Automated accounting ensures accuracy in processing data and the integrity of financial statements. We asked CFO’s, controllers, and CPA’s to look into our platform. Trust in the Crunch Accountant! Continuous automated accounting ensures tasks are performed on a day to day basis that mirrors the business. We emphasize real time processing and a deep analysis of your numbers.

Automated Reconciliations

Reconciliations are a vital part of any daily cash business. Daily reconciliation of cash, credit, debit, and key accounts is a constant struggle for accounting personnel who do it manually with time constraints. We automate this process to make it simple and more cost efficient.

Our automated reconciliation process focuses on analyzing discrepancies, which create value for your business by eliminating non-value adding activities. 

Perfect For All Industries

We proudly serve businesses like mom and pop shops, convenience stores, restaurants, technology, healthcare, and hotel chains. No matter where you are in your business, we can serve you and grow with you. 

Bhupinder Sood

Bhupinder S. Sood is a former CPA that worked for the State of Tennessee for 28 years. Educated in England, Mr. Sood continued his education at the University of Tennessee and achieved a masters degree. Mr. Sood took his accounting experience and created Crunch Accountant in order to help small and mid sized businesses handle their accounting needs. 



  • Automated Accounting
  • Automated Reconciliations
  • Cloud-Based
  • 24/7 Assistance
  • Grows With Your Business
  • Simple To Manage


  • By-Hand Accounting
  • By-Hand Reconciliations
  • Paper Based
  • Assistance Only During Pre-scheduled Meetings
  • Doesn't Grow With Your Business, Must Hire More If Growth Occurs
  • Requires Accounting Knowledge

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